Yes, No, & Maybe Looks + Looks de Si,de No, y de Quizás

Braves, I had second thoughts about sharing the list of No’s and Maybe’s with you  because being negative it’s not my thing . But, then I thought that I started this Blog with the purpose of inspiring and motivating women to look better which in my opinion  equals  to feeling better about themselves .  In order for this to happen there has to be growth involved. And, growth does not happen from positivism alone . It’s not my intention to put anyone one down , or to be mean to anyone on this list because of their fashion choices. I value and respect  everyone’s choices and opinions. So whether  you agree or disagree with my picks , let me know . I would love to hear from all. There is always something that we can learn from each other  !!!

Braves, tenía dudas sobre  mostrarles o no  la lista de los Nos y los  Quizás porque el negativismo no es lo mío. Pero luego pensé que comencé este Blog con el fin de inspirar y motivar a las mujeres a verse mejor que en mi opinión es igual a sentirse mejor consigo mismas. Para que esto ocurra debe  de haber crecimiento personal  involucrado. Y  el crecimiento personal no viene solo del positivismo .No es mi intención hacer sentir mal a ninguna de las chicas que están es esta lista por sus elecciones de moda. Valoro y respeto las elecciones  y opiniones de todos. Así que si estás de acuerdo o en desacuerdo con mis selecciones, házmelo saber. Todas sus opiniones son bienvenidas. Siempre hay algo que podemos aprender los unos de los otros!!!


HEATHER GRAHAM photo | Heather GrahamHEATHER GRAHAM photo | Heather Graham


Heather Graham looks amazing . These two looks are a definite Yes in my book . She looks  Simply Gorg.

A Heather le doy un Si.


MARTHA HIGAREDA | Martha Higareda


I am a not a huge fan of this dress, but this lady definitely pulled it off. So its a Yes.

Le doy un Si a Martha .


JENNY MCCARTHY photo | Jenny McCarthyKHLOÉ KARDASHIAN ODOM photo | Khloe Kardashian

I like Jenny’s dress and shoes . The red looks great on her.  I am going to give her a Maybe because I think that picking different shoes  (maybe close toe) and picking up her hair would have made this look a thousand times better .

KHLOÉ on the other hand its a Yes.  She looks great from the dress, the shoes, earrings, hair. Everything  goes great together .

Quizás para Jenny y Si para KHLOÉ .


AISLÍNN DERBEZ | Aislínn Derbez


I like the dress, the color is lovely  and young . The accessories are nice too. I would have picked different shoes though. They look too old for this look . I give her a Maybe.

Un Quizás para AISLÍNN


DEMI LOVATO photo | Demi LovatoHEIDI KLUM photo | Heidi Klum


I love these two ladies. But I do not like any of these two looks. Sorry:(

Un No para ambas 😦 


BÉRÉNICE BEJO | Berenice Bejo


Lovely dress and clutch . The shoes are not bad. But, I would have liked to have seen some  more Gold, maybe on the shoes or earrings.  It would have made the Green pop up  more .Its a Yes though .

 Un Si para BÉRÉNICE


HILARY SWANK photo | Hilary SwankKOURTNEY KARDASHIAN photo | Kourtney Kardashian


I am not feeling this look on Hilary Swank . The lenght of the dress just kills it for me . So Hilary its a No. Kourtney on the other hand looks Fierce. She is a Yes.

No para Hilary y Si para Kourtney


LETIZIA ORTIZ | Letizia Ortiz, Princesa Letizia


Just as usual Leticia looks very Classy . The Jacket is Lovely .

It’s a Yes for her

 Un  Si para Leticia


STACY KEIBLER  photo | Stacy KeiblerCAMERON DIAZ photo | Cameron Diaz


Stacey looks Super Classy Chic, Love it . So I give her a  Yes I like Cameron’s dress and sandals. I just would have done something different with the hair . I think is too messy for this particular look. So I give her a Maybe.

Si para Stacey y   Quizás para Cameron 


NAILEA NORVIND | Nailea Norvind


The dress looks great until you see the bottom of it . Her hair and makeup are Lovely though. A definite No.

 Un No para NAILEA 😦 


KELLY OSBOURNE photo | Kelly OsbourneKE$HA photo | Kesha

Maybe /No

These look are not unusual for any of these two ladies. I don’t dislike Kelly’s dress and/or shoes . The hair color and the hair accessory  mess it up for me though . So I give Kelly a Maybe. KE$HA is a No . Its not unusual for her to dress eccentric .. But this is was done totally wrong 😦

Un  Quizás para Kelly y un No para KE$HA 😦 


RITA ORA  photo | Rita OraELIZABETH BANKS photo | Elizabeth Banks


Rita’s outfit is not bad, I would have chosen different shoes  and hair .The shoes and the hair are just not right for this outfit. I give her a No. Elizabeth on the other hand  looks Spring Fresh. The jumpsuit and wedge sandals are great for the daytime . She is a Yes.

No para Rita y Si para Elizabeth


ELLEN PAGE photo | Ellen PageISLA FISHER  photo | Isla Fisher


This dress and shoes are just too old looking for Ellen . You look at her face and she looks so young. And then you see the outfit and its just the opposite.Its a No for Ella.  Isla looks Cute though. Its a Yes for Isla.

 Un No para Ellen y un Si para Isla



I do not like this look on Brooklyn . The print on this jumpsuit is way too busy and  the shoes do not go well with it . So I give her a No .Portia on the other hand is a Maybe. I am not a fan of the dress, but I do love the color and the shoes are Lovely .

Le doy un No a Brooklyn y un  Quizás a Portia

(Images via People & Peopleenespanol)

Live, Laugh, & Love Always 

Vida, Risa, y Mucho Amor Siempre 



7 thoughts on “Yes, No, & Maybe Looks + Looks de Si,de No, y de Quizás

  1. i would agree in the most of the YES, NO, & MAYBE LOOKS but i will desagree with the NO at Ke$ha and BROOKLYN DECKER i think the two of them should thake a MAYBE because of the lack of colours on there outfits and Ke$ha’s make-up.But it was a very good work atherwords 🙂

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