Last Friday Night !!!

Last Friday Night was pleasantly unusual for me and my family. We went to see our first baseball game of the season: the Tampa Bay Rays vs. the San Diego Padres at Tropicana Field. The game was Great. Tampa Bay ended up winning that night 🙂 My kids love going to baseball games and the big kid (daddy) loves it too. And even though mommy (me) is not a big fan of baseball, she is a Big fan of spending time with her boys. So mommy tagged along for the ride .

Rays Game Pic

After the game we went home and put the kids to bed. I was exhausted.  My babe suggested that we go see the new Tyler Perry movie “Peeples”. Yes, he did!, that late at night. Its very unusual for us to go out that late at night.I was hesitant at first, but it didn’t took  much to convince me because I am a Huge fan of Tyler Perry movies. I am still mad at myself because I have not seen “Temptation”.  I always try to go see his movies the same week they come out. It just happens that Temptation came out at the same time that Hispanicize13 was going on , I was traveling, and had a lot of things on my plate at the time.


Anyways, we ended up going to see “Peeples” on Friday night. The boys stayed home with grandma of course (it was way past their bed time) .Even though I was very tired and also very sleepy, the movie managed to keep me up and laughing the entire time it lasted.  I liked it so much I would watch it again. If you need a laugh in your life , this is the movie for you . Don’t miss it !!!

Life is like riding a biking ✿ In order to keep your balance you must keep moving ✿

Live, Laugh, & Love Always



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