Fresh Ways To Wear Black in Spring !!! + Maneras Frescas De Usar Negro En La Primavera !!!

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(Images via People, Peopleenespanol, & Maria Lucia Hohan)

Braves, Black is one of those colors that is always “IN”. Even though is Spring right now we are seeing lots of people including celebrities wearing Black. This is just proof that no matter what color we wear, the most important thing is how we choose to wear it. Black is great in Spring and even in Summer as long as we chose appropriate pieces of clothing for each particular season and style it with the right accessories as well.  But, most importantly, as long as we wear it with Confidence!!!

Braves, el  Negro es uno de esos colores que es siempre está de moda.  Aunque es tamos en la Primavera, es común ver a mucha gente  incluyendo celebridades  usando ropa  Negro. Esto es prueba de que no importa de qué color estemos vestimos, lo más importante es la forma en la cual elegimos usarlo. El Negro es ideal en la Primavera y hasta en el Verano mientras cuando elijamos las apropiadas piezas de ropa  para cada temporada particular y le añadamos los accesorios adecuados. Y, lo más importante, hay que llevarlo con Seguridad!!!

Live, Laugh, & Love Always

Vida, Risa, y Mucho Amor Siempre



4 thoughts on “Fresh Ways To Wear Black in Spring !!! + Maneras Frescas De Usar Negro En La Primavera !!!

  1. All I’m saying is that I want Charlize Theron to be my friend, look at her in her jump suit and pixie like hair cut, mixing the masculine and feminine thang beautifully. I love the way she doesn’t go for the easy option, in both her career and style. She has an amazing body and could have worn a boobs baring, thigh high dress and had cascading, blonde goldilocks hair but instead she goes the other way, and to me this makes her so much more interesting as an artist and as a person…

    • I love that about Charlize Theron . She is the perfect example of how is not necessary to show too much of our bodies in order to look Attractive . Definitely Sexy , but always Classy . I mean she is always covered up, but always looks Sexy. If I would have had a baby girl I would have definitely named her after her. I love her as an artist !!!

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