My London Dream !!!


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Ever since I was a little girl in Cuba I dreamed of one day visiting London. I still remember when I watched the Disney movie “101 Dalmatians”,  that really made my desire to visit London even bigger. I just found out today about the Cybher  one day Blogger Conference that is scheduled for June 1st in London. The Cybher conference main focus is Women and showing the greatness in each of us. They focus on showcasing women’s talents and skills. Even though is just a one day conference is packed with great sessions. I would love to attend not only because is my Dream to visit London, but because I am sure that I will learn a lot, and meet tons of strong, powerful women. I started this blog with the purpose of motivating women to look, to feel, and to be their absolute best. My goal is to inspire women to get up in the morning, put an outfit together,  add the right accessories, and  go out their front door feeling like a million bucks. In other words, my goal is to inspire women to love themselves a little more. I believe that attending the Cybher Blog Conference will open many doors and create many opportunities for my blog to reach its goal and purpose.

Live, Laugh, & Love Always



6 thoughts on “My London Dream !!!

  1. Well, I do hope you will realise your dream and attend the conference! I live in London and I think it’s an amazing city: I am of course biased but I am sure it will not disappoint you! 🙂

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