My SeaWorld Adventure !!!

Braves, It all started with four complimentary tickets to SeaWorld Orlando. Everything was crazy and fun from that point on. My kids were super excited as you can imagine. And, apparently so was I since I even forgot the battery for my camera at home LOL. I didn’t let that upset me though. I just took pictures with my cell phone until the battery ran out. We live in Tampa, FL so it only took us about one hour and a little more to get to the park. We arrived there right at 9:00AM when the park opens. That was a good thing because there weren’t many people there yet. We got to see about half of the park before it started to get full. The kid’s area was full of fun rides and activities for the boys. They truly enjoyed it. The shows were Awesome!!! We got to see three shows and they were all Great. We also got to experience the Willie Colon Concert at Viva La Musica, and it was on Fire!!!. We ate at one of the Viva La Musica Kiosks, arroz con gandules, pork skewers, and tostones. It was Delicious!!! We also fed the dolphins which was an extraordinary experience for the boys. We simply had a Blast. I would recommend this park to everyone. Whether you have kids or not, you will enjoy it !!! Thank you to the people at SeaWorld Orlando  for those complimentary tickets that allowed us to have such an Amazing Adventure. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

Sea World Pic 28

Sea world pic 1 Sea world pic 2 Sea world Pic 3

Sea World Pic 23

Sea World pic 4 Sea World Pic 5Sea World Pic 8

Sea World pic 22

Sea World Pic 10Sea World Pic 13 Sea World Pic 14 Sea World Pic 15

Sea World Pic 11

Sea World Pic 16 Sea World Pic 17 Sea World Pic 18

Sea World Pic 19

Sea World Pic 29

Sea World Pic 20Sea World Pic 21

Sea World pic 26

Sea World Pic 27

The View From Sky Tower Sea World Pic 24

Sea World Pic 30

Live, Laugh, & Love Always

Sea World pic 12

Sea World Pic 32


8 thoughts on “My SeaWorld Adventure !!!

  1. Your kids are too too cute!
    I use to go to this type of parks when I was younger, but my father and I prefered park showing lions, tigers etc and I miss it.
    I’d like to go to this park in Orlando to discover marine animals but at the same time I wonder about the animals well being, their hapinnes, the equity of their treatment. I really wonder.

  2. Think you had all together so fun 🙂 inside this park and you was very lucky to have these free tickets. l loved very to see all these beautiful photos and your kids are wonderful………you make them having certainly a great day!

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