Spring Giveaway Winner +Julie Weston

Julie Weston is the Winner of BraveChica’s Spring/Double Giveaway . She won the Hollister co. Crop top and the H&M earrings . And, they really  look Great on her . Julie  is the author behind Truth Never Changes, Being June, and Literary Bits .If you get a change please visit her sites  . She is an Amazing Writer  !!!

    Thank you to everyone that entered the Giveaway !!!

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Calypso St. Barth !!!


Calypso St. Barth is expanding across the nation and recently opened a new boutique in Palo Alto !!!

The celebration included guests such as  mom, wife, and entrepreneur Randi Zuckerberg. Zuckerberg alongside Power Pinner Christine Martinez . Also there was  Honestly WTF Editor Erica Chan Coffman, who provided tips on  maintaining a balanced lifestyle while managing family, business, and friends all at the same time . Here is the Video from such event . Enjoy !!!

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Freshly Pressed Monday/ Lunes Fresco !!!

Freshly Pressed Monday/ Lunes Fresco !!!

Michael Kors shift dress

Wallis white blouse

Wren floral print pants

Wide shoes
$62 – nelly.com

White Leaf envelope clutch
$54 – psyche.co.uk

Whether you prefer the outfit or the dress. You would look Fresh and Stylish in either. I do think that the outfit is more casual, more of a daytime look than the dress. It all depends on where your going . If you are going  too. What do you think?

No importa si te gusta el conjunto o el vestido. Con cualquiera de los dos te vas a ver Fresca y Fabulosa . El conjunto me parece más casual, más  fresco para por el día. Todo depende también del lugar a donde vas. Que tú crees?

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All Carried Away !!!

Oh yes! like many of you I am a lover of “Sex and the City” . I don’t know which I like best the fashion or the stories in general. It’s kind of hard not to identify with some of their stories, their mistakes, and their sense of fashion. Yes, Carrie Bradshaw has worn many fabulous outfits, dresses, and shoes, of course. But, for me at least ,what t has made her so Great is that no matter what she is wearing, even in her worst days, she manages to  have “Confidence” written all over her face. My point is this, yes the fashion and the stories are Amazing, but sometimes is what we cannot see with our eyes, what is behind the curtain, the feeling in it, that’s what we admire Most!!!

¡Pues sí! como muchos de ustedes, yo soy una  amante  más de “Sex & the City” . No sé qué me gusta más si la moda o las historias en general. Es difícil no  de identificarse con algunas de sus historias, sus errores , su sentido del humor, y sus peculiares estilos . Sí, Carrie Bradshaw ha usado mucha ropa fabulosa, combinaciones, vestidos y  por supuesto zapatos. Pero lo que a mí me gusta más de su personaje  es que no importa lo que lleve puesto, hasta en sus peores días y momentos ella siempre lleva la  palabra  “Confianza “en todo su rostro. Camina segura de ella  misma. Mi punto es este, sí la moda y las historias son Fabulosas, pero a veces es lo que no podemos ver con nuestros ojos, lo que está detrás de la cortina, la sensación, y el sentimiento  lo que más Admiramos!!!

After all, Computers crash, people die, relationships fall apart. The best we can do is breath and reboot !!!

Después de todo, los equipos se rompen , las personas mueren, las relaciones se desmoronan. Lo mejor que podemos hacer es respirar y comenzar de nuevo !!!

carrie collage 1 carrie collage 2 CarrieBradshaw floral dress

Sex and The CIty  Carrie Bradshaw #quote

Style Redux: Sex and the City Fashion

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Fresh Ways To Wear Black in Spring !!! + Maneras Frescas De Usar Negro En La Primavera !!!

JENNIFER LAWRENCE photo | Jennifer LawrenceRUMER WILLIS photo | Rumer WillisKIRSTEN DUNST photo | Kirsten DunstCHARLIZE THERON photo | Charlize TheronREESE WITHERSPOON photo | Reese WitherspoonHEIDI KLUM photo | Heidi KlumJESSICA BIEL photo | Jessica BielKATE BECKINSALE photo | Kate BeckinsaleEMMA ROBERTS photo | Emma RobertsVANESSA HUDGENS photo | Vanessa HudgensDUCHESS CATHERINE photo | Kate MiddletonDEMI MOORE photo | Demi MooreSELENA GOMEZ photo | Selena GomezPAULINA RUBIO | Paulina RubioMICHELLE RODRIGUEZ | Michelle Rodriguez

(Images via People, Peopleenespanol, & Maria Lucia Hohan)

Braves, Black is one of those colors that is always “IN”. Even though is Spring right now we are seeing lots of people including celebrities wearing Black. This is just proof that no matter what color we wear, the most important thing is how we choose to wear it. Black is great in Spring and even in Summer as long as we chose appropriate pieces of clothing for each particular season and style it with the right accessories as well.  But, most importantly, as long as we wear it with Confidence!!!

Braves, el  Negro es uno de esos colores que es siempre está de moda.  Aunque es tamos en la Primavera, es común ver a mucha gente  incluyendo celebridades  usando ropa  Negro. Esto es prueba de que no importa de qué color estemos vestimos, lo más importante es la forma en la cual elegimos usarlo. El Negro es ideal en la Primavera y hasta en el Verano mientras cuando elijamos las apropiadas piezas de ropa  para cada temporada particular y le añadamos los accesorios adecuados. Y, lo más importante, hay que llevarlo con Seguridad!!!

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Who Are You? + Quien Eres Tu?

always believe in yourself..

(Image Credits Pinterest)

How many times have you been told that you can’t do something? I have been told that so many times that I lost count. But, the most important thing is that I have told myself many more times that I can do anything that I set my mind too. Unfortunately, people look at us and think we are this or that based on our race, our gender, what we look like, or based on the clothes we are wearing. We can’t stop people from judging us and most of the time we can’t change their perception of us.  But we have the power to decide whether it matters or not. At the end, the most important opinion is the one that we have about ourselves. How we view ourselves makes a world of a difference when it comes to us making decisions on our lives. Our view of who we are dictates whether or not we do things and why we do them. This is why is so important to spend time with ourselves, discovering who we are, working on who we are. And, not spend so much time trying to be who people think we are or should be. Just something to think about!!!

¿Cuántas veces te han dicho que no puede hacer algo? A mí me lo  han dicho tantas veces que ya perdí la cuenta. Pero lo más importante es que yo me  he dicho muchas más veces si  puedo hacer cualquier cosa que me proponga. Por desgracia, en el mundo hay demasiadas  personas que  nos miran y nos juzgan  por nuestra raza, sexo, basado en lo que tenemos puesto, o basado en lo que ellos simplemente creen que somos. No podemos impedir que la gente nos juzgue y la mayoría de las veces tampoco  podemos cambiar su percepción de nosotros.  Pero tenemos el poder de decidir lo que el significado que tiene para nosotros .Al final, la opinión más importante es la que tenemos sobre nosotros mismos. Nuestra percepción de nosotros mismos hace un mundo de diferencia cuando se trata de tomar decisiones sobre nuestras vidas. Nuestra visión de quiénes somos dicta las cosas que  hacemos las cosas, las que no hacemos,  y el  por qué. Por eso es  tan importante pasar tiempo con nosotros mismos, descubrir quiénes somos, trabajar en quienes somos. Y, no pasar tanto tiempo tratando de ser lo que otros piensan que somos o quieren que seamos. Solo algo en que pensar    !!!

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Fashion & Style @ the Latin Billboards 2013 + Moda y Estilo en los Latin Billboards 2013





(All Images via People en espanol )

This is some of the fashion and style from last night’s Latin Billboard Awards . Black and Red were definitely the colors of the night.There was a lot of lace as well . My favorite of the night was Ximena Duque (the 5th one down in  the Hot Pink dress) because she looked Fab without trying too hard . She chose a dress in a beautiful color , kept her hair and makeup  simple but elegant, and kept her accessories to a minimum. Paulina Rubio (1st pic) chose a dress in a  Very Cute color as well, very Spring Like . But, I think that dress is too young for her . Gaby Espino (2nd pic )  chose white which is fabulous, but the dress had too many things going on for my taste . I really liked Leslie Grace’s clutch and hair. I think she looked  very young, cute, and chic in my opinion . Catherine Siachoque (7th pic) hardly ever disappoints, she looked very Elegant , very Hollywood and I loved it . Ana Layevska (8th pic) really surprised me . This is the best she’s ever looked on a red carpet . She looked Lovely . What do you ladies think ? Which look do you like best ?

What do think about the Men? Who is your fave?

Esto es algo de la moda y el estilo de los Premios Billboard de anoche. El negro y rojo fueron definitivamente los colores de la noche. Hubo también mucho encaje . Mi favorita de la noche fue Ximena Duque (5ta foto con el vestido rosa) porque se veía Fabulosa  sin exajeraciones. Ella eligió un vestido en un color hermoso, mantuvo su cabello y maquillaje sencillos  pero elegantes y sus accesorios al mínimo. Paulina Rubio (Foto 1) eligió un vestido en un  lindo color, muy  primaveral. Pero, creo que el vestido es demasiado joven para ella. Gaby Espino (Foto 2) eligió el blanco que esta  muy de moda , pero el vestido tenía demasiadas tendencias juntas para mi gusto. Me gusto mucho como lucia Leslie Grace, su pelo y el bolso de  mano que llevo  me encantaron. En mi opinión Leslie Grace se veía muy juvenil y elegante  a la vez. Catherine Siachoque (Foto 7) casi nunca decepciona, se veía muy elegante, muy Hollywood y, me encantó. Ana Layevska (Foto 8) realmente me sorprendió. Este ha sido definitivamente su mejor look en una alfombra roja .

Cual look te  gusta a ti?

Cual de todas es tu favorita?

Que te parecieron los Caballeros?

Don Omar was the Big Winner of the night. He won 10 of the 18 awards he was nominated for .He also looked Great !!!

Don Omar fue el Gran Ganador de la Noche. Gano en 10 de las 18 categorias en las cual estaba nominado . Se veia bien Guago !!!

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My London Dream !!!


Image Credits ( Pinterest )

Ever since I was a little girl in Cuba I dreamed of one day visiting London. I still remember when I watched the Disney movie “101 Dalmatians”,  that really made my desire to visit London even bigger. I just found out today about the Cybher  one day Blogger Conference that is scheduled for June 1st in London. The Cybher conference main focus is Women and showing the greatness in each of us. They focus on showcasing women’s talents and skills. Even though is just a one day conference is packed with great sessions. I would love to attend not only because is my Dream to visit London, but because I am sure that I will learn a lot, and meet tons of strong, powerful women. I started this blog with the purpose of motivating women to look, to feel, and to be their absolute best. My goal is to inspire women to get up in the morning, put an outfit together,  add the right accessories, and  go out their front door feeling like a million bucks. In other words, my goal is to inspire women to love themselves a little more. I believe that attending the Cybher Blog Conference will open many doors and create many opportunities for my blog to reach its goal and purpose.

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My Latin Billboard Awards Predictions + Mis Predicciones De Los Premios Billboard de la Musica Latina

se habla música, target latin music, latin billboard awards, target latin billboard awardsse habla música, target latin music, latin billboard awards, target latin billboard awards

Today April 25, 2013 take place in Miami the Latin Billboard Music Awards. The hosts of the evening will be singer Ana Bárbara and actor Juan Soler accompanied by conductor Daniel Sarcos. Among the leaders in nominations are the singer / songwriter Don Omar with 18 and the bachata singer Romeo Santos with 12.Something that makes me very happy is that  Jenni Rivera is another of the major nominees of the night. Bellow you will find some of my humble predictions in terms of winners and best dressed at this evening Latin Billboard  Music Awards.

 Hoy 25 de Abril  2013 se celebran los Premios Billboard a la Música Latina en la ciudad del sol Miami. Los anfitriones de la noche serán la cantante Ana Bárbara y el actor Juan Soler acompañados por el conductor Daniel Sarcos. Entre los líderes en nominaciones se encuentran el cantante y compositor urbano Don Omar con 18 y el bachatero Romeo Santos con 12 por su parte. La Gran Señora Jenni Rivera es otra de la grandes nominadas de la noche lo cual me hace muy feliz. A mí en lo personal me encantan las ceremonias de premios y cuando son de música mucho más.  A continuación voy a compartir con ustedes algunas de mis humildes predicciones en cuanto a ganadores y mejores vestidos de esta gran noche de celebración de  la Música Latina que son los Premios Billboard de la Música Latina.

My predictions of Winners – Mis Predicciones de Ganadores en Algunas de la Categorias:

Artista del Año  + Jenni Rivera

Artista del Año Debut + Juan Magan

Gira del Año + Enrique Iglesias y Jennifer López

Artista del Año Streaming + Don Omar

Canción del Año + Juan Maga con Pitbull y El Cata “Bailando por el mundo”

Artista Masculino del Año, Canciones +Don Omar

Artista Femenino del Año, Canciones + Shakira

Artista del Año, Redes Sociales +Pitbull

Artista Masculino del Año Álbum +Don Omar

Artista Femenino del Año Álbum + Shakira

Álbum del Año Digital + Don Omar

Canción Latín Pop del Año- Jesse & Joy “Corre”

Solista Latín Pop del Año +Ricardo Arjona

Solista Latín Rythm del Año,   Canciones + Pitbull

Solista Regional Mexicano del Año, Canciones + Jenni Rivera

Dúo o Grupo Regional Mexicano del Año, Canciones + Banda El Recodo de Cruz Lizárraga

Dúo o Grupo Tropical del Año, Álbum + Aventura

Solista tropical del Año, Álbum + Romeo Santos

My predictions for Best Dressed – Mis Predicciones de Mejores Vestidos

Damas:                         Caballeros:

+Ana Bárbara                  +Pitbull

+Paulina Rubio               +Don Omar

+Catherine Siachoque    +Tito El Bambino

+Maritza Rodríguez     +Rafael Amaya

+Gaby Espino             +Jencarlos Canela

+Adamari López           +Daddy Yankee

+Rashel Díaz                  +Miguel Varoni

+Aracely Arambula       +Jorge Luis Pila



Creditos de Imagenes  : People en Español

In terms of fashion, I hope to see the ladies wearing white, pastel colours, or spring colours in general . I hope to see the gentlemen with their usual elegant suits but with a touch of spring and pastel colours on their ties and other accessories .

En cuanto a  Moda, espero ver a las damas luciendo el  blanco, colores pasteles, o colores frescos de Primavera. Los caballeros por su parte, con sus trajes elegantes pero dándole un toque de color primaveral a sus corbatas u otros accesorios.

Live, Laugh, & Love Always

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(I wrote this post as part of my participation in Target’s Se Habla Musica Program #sehablamusica)

My SeaWorld Adventure !!!

Braves, It all started with four complimentary tickets to SeaWorld Orlando. Everything was crazy and fun from that point on. My kids were super excited as you can imagine. And, apparently so was I since I even forgot the battery for my camera at home LOL. I didn’t let that upset me though. I just took pictures with my cell phone until the battery ran out. We live in Tampa, FL so it only took us about one hour and a little more to get to the park. We arrived there right at 9:00AM when the park opens. That was a good thing because there weren’t many people there yet. We got to see about half of the park before it started to get full. The kid’s area was full of fun rides and activities for the boys. They truly enjoyed it. The shows were Awesome!!! We got to see three shows and they were all Great. We also got to experience the Willie Colon Concert at Viva La Musica, and it was on Fire!!!. We ate at one of the Viva La Musica Kiosks, arroz con gandules, pork skewers, and tostones. It was Delicious!!! We also fed the dolphins which was an extraordinary experience for the boys. We simply had a Blast. I would recommend this park to everyone. Whether you have kids or not, you will enjoy it !!! Thank you to the people at SeaWorld Orlando  for those complimentary tickets that allowed us to have such an Amazing Adventure. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

Sea World Pic 28

Sea world pic 1 Sea world pic 2 Sea world Pic 3

Sea World Pic 23

Sea World pic 4 Sea World Pic 5Sea World Pic 8

Sea World pic 22

Sea World Pic 10Sea World Pic 13 Sea World Pic 14 Sea World Pic 15

Sea World Pic 11

Sea World Pic 16 Sea World Pic 17 Sea World Pic 18

Sea World Pic 19

Sea World Pic 29

Sea World Pic 20Sea World Pic 21

Sea World pic 26

Sea World Pic 27

The View From Sky Tower Sea World Pic 24

Sea World Pic 30

Live, Laugh, & Love Always

Sea World pic 12

Sea World Pic 32