Latinos Our Health = Our Choice !!!

About three years ago I was diagnosed with a thyroid condition. At the time, I didn’t even know what or where  the thyroid gland was . My main symptoms were lack of energy and weight gain. I  am  5’2 tall and was  weighing  158lbs . It’s the most I’ve weighed in my life. My problem wasn’t so much that I was eating  too much  but that I was  eating the wrong things at the wrong times.I got to a point where  I just had enough . My body  was practically screaming at me Help me! Help me !.So,  I decided to take action and confront the situation I was in.  First, I started educating myself about the thyroid condition and all that it entails. Second, I set goals for myself.  And thirdly,  I stopped procrastinating and starting acting instead . The main thing I did was to change the  relationship that I had with myself  as a person and at the same time my relationship with food. I started to eat every three hours, smaller portions and healthier food. From time to time I did allowed myself to have a little fun  without excess of course. I also started to exercise daily, 30 minutes to 1 hour per day. I  started to drink plenty of water. And, gradually I began to lose weight and to feel better. With more energy, more life. I lost a total of 38 lb and gain myself back . I have been able to stay at my ideal weight of 115lbs to 120lbs for one year now. In my opinion, the key to my success was that I did not go crazy and started one of  those strict diets or starved myself.  I ate everything in moderation  every three hours, drank plenty of water, and started a simple exercise routine. The best thing about all of this  is  that I was able to  change my lifestyle completely. And, to this date I continue to exercise those good eating habits and the physical activity routine  I learned throughout the whole process  . I was motivated by an inmense desire to  feel better with myself and to be healthy for myself and my kids . When we look better we feel better and vice versa.   At the same time, when we feel better , we function better in general, as parents, as employees, etc.  I wrote this post  to inspire men and women in the Latino Community and other communities as well  to take charge of their  health and their  weight because they go hand in hand. Make the decision to take care of yourself , to love yourself a little more. You Deserve it . Remember that our health = our Decision.

For more information on how to care for more than our health visit

Enjoy !!!

Live, Laugh, & Love Always



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