Movie Review: The Croods !!!

the croods diezelthe croods boys

Braves, This morning I went with my family to watch an early screening of Dreamworks animated movie: “The Croods”. And, let me tell you, it was Great. Not just for the kids, but for the whole family. So, even if you don’t have kids I will recommend it to you because is full of action and its very very funny as well .Excellent Message of Survival.  Great reminder of the  importance of family, of helping one another, believing in one another. And, most importantly, great reminder of the importance of appreciating and loving life and each other .Sometimes we get so busy trying to survive that we forget to live. This movie will take you back to the beginning of things. It demonstrates the importance of taking risks and following your heart without forgetting who you are in the process. The movie comes out on Friday, March 22. If you decide to go be prepared to Laugh and to Have a Good Time.


Live, Laugh, & Love Always



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