Style Trend Alert : Crop Tops !!!

*Ashley Madekwe                                                                      *Miley Cyrus

ASHLEY MADEKWE photo | Ashley MadekweMILEY CYRUS photo | Miley Cyrus

*Ashley Tisdale                                                                            *Brooklyn Decker

ASHLEY TISDALE photo | Ashley TisdaleBROOKLYN DECKER photo | Brooklyn Decker

*Alicia Keys                                                                                          *Rihanna

ALICIA KEYS photo | Alicia Keys RIHANNA photo | Rihanna

We are seeing many celebrities wearing crop tops nowadays . And, I am sure that many of you Brave Fashionistas out there have already tried them or thought about whether or not they would look good on you.  Whether you are the Sporty or the Dressy type of gal  there is a style for everyone. But, here is the thing, they are not right for everyone. If you don’t have  a flat belly like Mylie , then you should try wearing it like Alicia . Like anything else is has to look good on you and you have to feel good in it  in order for it to work . If you feel that is not right for you, is Ok . There is not a single style trend that works on everyone because there is not a single person in he world that is perfect. So, the  best that we can do is wear what works for us and run with it . So, if a crop top looks good on you Rock it and if it doesn’t, then Next …

Enjoy !!!

Live, Laugh, & Love Always



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