Has Coffee Become The Boss ?

 all I want is one or two glamorous mornings where I can take my sweet time and the coffee is made for me and brought to my bed.

 Image Credits: ( Pinterest )

And then it happened again I fell for a cup of coffee. I used to drink coffee every morning, but two weeks ago I decided to stop because it became what I call an addiction and I sort of starting feeling like I could not  go a day  without it. Coffee became something like my “Boss”. So I stopped. The first two days after my head was killing me. It felt like someone was hitting my head with a rock . But, hey I survived !!!

Recently, the weather has been pretty cold. So guess what ? I found the perfect excuse to go get a cup of coffee. So I invited my Baby to what I called a Coffee Date to Starbucks . I had a Caramel Macchiato . Needless to say, simply Delish. I brought up this subject because I am simply amazed by how  something so simple like  a cup of coffee can become something so addictive for many people. Millions of people every day, every morning feel like they can’t function without it. Which makes me ask the question, Has Coffee Become The Boss ?

Live, Laugh, & Love Always



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