Food-Delicious Weekend !!!

My Weekend Went Like This :
*On Saturday I was at the baseball park since 9:00AM until4:00PM because each of my boys had their last game of the Fall Season followed by trophies and a little get together. And to think that I’ve never been into baseball. The things we do for Love!!!
*Saturday Night we had Dinner @ the boys new favorite burger place in town “Burger21”. The boys had their usual Hamburgers and, I had the Skinny Turkey Burger and Sweet Potato Fries. We had a great time !!!
*Sunday,Nov 18 we celebrated my oldest son 8th B-day @ Home with cupcakes, ice cream (&choc syrup) , birthday hats, happy b-day song, balloons, presents, pictures, and lots of laughter!!!

*For lunch, we took “Brownie” (this is my nickname for Dyllan) to his fave pizza place “Marco’s Pizza”.  Lunch was good and  unusually quiet !!!

*For dinner, we headed to “P.F. Chang’s” where we all enjoyed fried rice and spring rolls. Dyllan likes going to P.F. Chang’s for their fried rice, but mostly for their mini choc mousse dessert. But, to our surprise, they don’t make it anymore. When Dyllan heard the news, he was not a happy camper. At the end we order the   Chocolate Torte for him and he ended up Loving it!!!

*On our way home we stopped by the “Fun Center” where the boys played Arcade Games and Lazer Tag. They were very Happy !!!

*The best part came at the end of the night when Dyllan told me that he didn’t wanted to go to sleep because he didn’t wanted his birthday to end. He also said that this was His Best Birthday Ever!!!

I am thankful that we were able to take Dyllan to all those places. But, I am most thankful because when we asked Dyllan where he wanted to go for his birthday he responded: anywhere, you guys can pick, I just want everyone there, mom, dad, Diezel, abuela, and Dali. At the end, we were all there for Dyllan, celebrating his big 8th B-day and that is what truly matters. I am not going to lie, the food was great, but the Love was definitely Greater!!!

Thank you Lord!!!

Live, Laugh, & Love Always

Food-Delicious Weekend !!!


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