Frantic Friday !!!

Yep, Friday is here, so Happy Friday to All! Starting today and continuing every Friday from now on, I will be sharing one of favorite quotes with you.  I want to start by sharing  this one “If I am what I have and if I lose what I have who then am I?” by Erich Fromm. I heard this quote on an episode of Criminal Minds and it really touched me because it made me think of how we live in such a materialistic world where unfortunately people view others based on what they have. It can become dangerous if we start to believe it ourselves. If we base our happiness and fulfillment on what we have, at the end of the day we will find ourselves with very little. The most important thing is not how other people view us, but how we view ourselves. How we view ourselves impacts our lives greatly, the things that we chose to do or not do, our relationships with other people and the relationship that we have with ourselves which is the most important relationship of our whole lives. When the lights go off and the noise is gone, all we have is ourselves. So ask yourself the following question: who am I? Some people never get to answer this question simply because they never ask it or are scared to do so. I can guarantee you two things for sure, answering this won’t be as easy as you probably thought it would be, but it will definitely be worth it. Letting material things define who we are can take us to a very shallow place, where we cannot only lose ourselves but, from where can be very difficult to get out. Some people never do 😦 …

Live, Laugh, & Love Always


Frantic Friday !!!


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