Manic Monday !!!

Mondays at my house (especially in the morning) are definitely “Manic” meaning “frenetically busy,  full of  wild  excitement and energy”. The boys wake up earlier than usual, ready to turn the TV on, demand their breakfast ,and start aggravating the poor dog ( I feel for him).I fix their breakfast, get their outfits in line , make their lunches and pack them up . Give them their multivitamin, assist them with brushing their teeth and getting dressed. With all of this going on, I have to admit that it can be difficult  to find myself  . That’s when I Laugh( to keep my sanity). Simply because another  Manic  Monday, in my home, with the people who drive me crazy, but that  I adore  is reason enough to Laugh , to be Thankful !!!
Live, Laugh, &Love Always
Manic Monday !!!

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